From clay maquette to marble. Still in progress

Start to finish of plaster piece: The artist clipping his toenails

Translating a plaster piece to marble using an Italian ‘pointing machine’

Magazine clippings being layered onto my faux-Cycladic Idol. One day after install she saw her first rain. Fingers crossed that she holds up for 3 months outside.

I’ve been slowly finishing this marble piece that I have been working on, on and off, for about a year now. Just about finished now. Should be able to take some glamour shots soon.

Starting a 4.5' reproduction of a Cycladic idol for an outdoor show to be installed later in July. Once the plaster has dried, the sculpture will be sealed and covered with magazine clippings.

Last Sunday blocking out a stone for a plaster piece that will be copied in marble

The waste-mold casting process on a current work in progress. Casting oil-based clay into plaster by way of a plaster mold.